I’m slowly going to be introducing business techniques and advice and tips and tricks throughout my content. Business is what you know me and that’s what I’m really really good at.

By providing free content, free value to amazing people like yourself is essential for the world to go around in harmony. Most of my friends are small business owners, or medium sized business owners who struggle with everyday business and I just hope these tips and advice will be able to help any business owner requiring support. 

I’m going to be talking about humble beginnings, and just being yourself. 

Yesterday, I spoke how we have a manufacturing company with over 1000 square meters of workspace and how much turnover that we actually need and the volume we need to ensure we stay afloat.

I got a few private messages, and I was really shocked that I had people say to me:

 “Well, I didn’t realise that your company was so big. I thought you worked from a shed” 

P.s. We don’t have a shed at home. We never have. We are on a small 600 square metre block of land, which has got the tiniest little garden shed on it, which can’t even fit a lawn mower in it…

“I didn’t know that you’re a seven-figure business, and I thought you were just talking bullshit.”

P.s. Why would I say, I am a seven figure business, we have a dozen employees, six virtual assistants etc… If I’m not walking the walk but I’m talking the talk, don’t you think that would make me a bit of a d*ck. So my reply was, “Oh, thank you. Okay. Well, do you believe me now?” 

“Oh yes! I believe you now!” 

I just had to ask them… “Why didn’t you believe me at first?” and the hardest bit for me to realise, they just didn’t have an answer for that, they didn’t have an answer for why they didn’t believe me, and I’m starting to think, it’s because people don’t like other people succeeding? 

People don’t like other people talking about their business or their life or what they’ve accomplished in life. And I think it’s really sad. I really do think it’s sad if somebody like me has been very humble throughout my business career.

But when I actually do teach, and I do workshops, mastermind events etc. I do explain to them the size of the company that we are, and the size of the volume that we are, and for them not to believe you, I think it’s really upsetting for the fact that there’s so much misguided communication or misguided information out there that resonates with a lot of those people. I’m glad I was able to iron out a few little misconceptions that was really wonderful. 

“Well, congratulations on succeeding so much, and everything throughout your business and in your career.” 

I’m not doing this to get a pat on the back or for people to congratulate me. I already know how successful I am in my own environment. I already know the workload that I put in for each and every day of the business, therefore I’m really proud of myself.

I’m really happy with everything that I do. It’s really humbling to know that you don’t have to be standing up on stage, or shouting in the loudest room to be heard. 

By taking another approach to your success I would strongly suggest for you to be humble in your approach. Instead if being this person… “I earnt this and I do this and this and this and this.” Or… I can just walk into a room and say “hi, how are you going and connect with people by being yourself.” 

You don’t actually have to be that person that everyone has to listen to. By being that person you aren’t listening to others. I think it is more powerful and more rewarding to be humble in your approach. And it gives you much more success in life, especially in a positive environment. 

Written by Toni Turner