Frequently Asked Questions

What is Outsourcing Like a Boss?

We are a recruitment agency who connects local businesses with Filipino entrepreneurs.

What makes Outsourcing Like a Boss different from other providers?

  • OLaB does not charge additional hourly fee’s to each Virtural Assistant that is hire. The negotiated wages are paid directly to the VA, you pay OLaB directly for their service.
  • We will not use a ‘pool’ of VA’s, each VA is hand selected from your job description and all VA’s will have the opportunity to apply.

Is there a refund guarantee?

During the process of hiring, should you not be connected with your VA and they aren’t doing what you have trained them to do, we will source a NEW virtual assistant for you, free of charge.
Should for any reason you are not satisfied with the virtual assistant, you can apply to have a refund. However a $499.00 administrative fee will be payable as per the T&C’s.

What is the process to hire a VA?

  • Discussion: Having a chat with Toni is your first step. She will create a road map of the type of VA that we can arrange for you. This stage is essential as there have been a couple of times we have had to say no to client. That’s right… A client wanted a VA to wear so many hats and the employer had unrealistic expectations.
    Toni will make sure, hiring a VA is viable for you business. Once the position is clear in who you would like to hire, we will then create a job position to 1000’s upon 1000’s of candidates ready for your position.
    We will filter through the candidates to make sure they qualify for the position.
  • Homework: During that time, you must complete your homework, which is generally 1-3 hours per week.
  • Interview: After your initial discussion with Toni and the job listing is posted, we will have 2-3 weeks until the interview processes can start.
    Once we have selected the candidates for you, you will be given the opportunity to make a selection for the interview. The interview will be held by Zoom from our customer relationship team and they will be there ti guide you through every step of the process.
  • Hiring: When you are ready to hire your new team member, we will confirm everything with you: Wages, Payments, Hours, Expectations, Software required, Communication, SOP’s etc.
  • Grow your business: Because you have been doing your homework these past few weeks, you now have a catalog of SOP’s within your business for the new VA to hit the ground running. Your ROI will be within weeks of the VA starting for you as you have now maximised efforts to ensure the VA is working straight away for you, and you have the freedom to work seamlessly.

FAQ’s – Virtual Assistant’s

Where are the VA’s based?

We have selected Phillipines as our base source of VA’s as from experience, Toni has fallen in love with their work ethics and loyalty.

Toni has had first hand experience hiring VA’s when she was growing her glass & aluminium business and now she wants to connect the world with Filipino VA’s.

Do the VA’s work for me or for Outsourcing Like Boss?

  • They contract to you. They are not hired through OLaB as Toni want’s you to have the freedom to adjust their hours to suit your business.
  • You are not required to pay OLaB any wages for you new team member.

How does Outsourcing Like a Boss charge fees?

  • At Outsourcing Like a Boss, we charge a service fee for all new VA’s joining your team. This is a separate from wages for the VA.
  • Example: $1997 for OLaB Service charge
  • Hourly rate to the VA directly

How do I know the quality of their English?

Great question! Their second language is English and they are very good at it too. You will notice from the interview of their language and you can decide for yourself.