As the new year started fresh, you may be someone whose energy and enthusiasm is up to kick start your business with all the new ideas you could get and several to-do lists to get it all done. If not, better. But, you seem scattered all over, plus the hang-ups from the holidays.

Here’s when a virtual assistant helps those lists fall into their right place. 

How VA’s can help you plan your business:

1. They are an extension of your eyes. Get them to do Assessments, Analytics, Audits, or Reviews! One essential thing about planning is to start with an honest assessment, audit, or review of any previous projects you have done that you think need improvement or redirection. VAs are an extension of your observation and analytics skills, plus you can let them use tools available online to do analytics with ratings and measures!

2. You set the priority; they set the Board. You are the boss, and you set the goals where you want your business to flow, but a VA’s assistance to organise them down according to your priority is super helpful! There are several Task Management tools online that you and your virtual assistant can synch in to prioritise your time-bounded tasks. 

3. They have specialised skills your business lacks and needs. Admit it, you need help on business tasks that need complementary skills you lack. VAs are a pool of multiple skills, and most of them have specialised skills vital to your business. Leverage on them! 

4. Delegation saves you time. The goals you plan are time-bounded, and, yes, every minute counts! Having a VA makes you do multiple tasks for your business at the same time frame. As we know, time saved is a penny saved in your business. 

5. Your Assessment and Evaluation processes meet ends. Having a VA from start to finish doing your tasks and projects promotes consistency and validity of evaluating how things went. If the VA you involved in the assessment and planning phase is the same VA you were with to execute your plans, it will be easier to identify the aspects of evaluating your results. It is to compare how far your business has grown compared to the assessment results you had initially and figure out what went wrong that needs to improve on the next planning phase. 

Essentially, having a VA is never about achieving perfection in your business plan but about allowing your business to go through progress without you having to do everything alone. 

Written by Angel Carbajal & Toni Turner