Happy Thursday! 

Today, let me quickly share how CASTING THE VISION OF YOUR BUSINESS to your virtual assistant and how you can implement amazing, yet simple, structures in place to ensure  your journey to outsourcing like a boss.

A common mistake when hiring VAs is bombarding them with tons of task lists and project orders without taking the time to let them know and understand the business’s goals and objectives in the long run. Where is the company going? Why is there a need to hire virtual assistants? Being crystal clear to the VAs about your business directions enables engagement throughout their work despite the virtual communications. 

New research from Gallup reveals an employee engagement crisis in Australia. Only 24% of the nation’s employees say they are engaged with their work, and that figure has not increased in over ten years. How much more for virtual employees? The people who do not get to discuss the business with their employers face to face? How can we ascertain virtual platforms to lock motivation in fully?

Casting the vision to your VA will take their engagement a step higher beneficial to your business. 

Here’s how:

  1. BE CLEAR ABOUT THE VISION. Merely sharing the vision of the business or the company to your VAs is already an engager. Project to them where the industry is heading in five years, ten years, or twenty. What the long-term goals are, and how equally important the short-term goals are to achieve the long-term.
  1. LET VAs CONTRIBUTE TO THE VISION. As you plan on your business, allow your VAs to contribute skills and platforms to accomplish your business goals and objectives. That way,  they can do what they do best and offer what they are willing to offer, keeping them motivated and engaged in the business planning process.
  1. REPEAT THE VISION. As you move along with the business planning and execution, it comes to a point where you and your VAs are too focused on hitting tasks and targets after another on a specific period which may also cause exhaustion. To avoid this, allow time to pause and communicate with your VA on how things are going so far, taking the opportunity to repeat the vision. Make it a conversation piece, a topic in the meetings, and a visual reminder. 

Those three things mentioned above are basics but can result in significant gains to your business, especially when having a VA or a team of VAs working with you. Let your Vision be a blueprint for engaging the workforce to your business.

Written by Angel Carbajal & Toni Turner