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We are the only Perth based Australian company specialising in outsourcing to the Philippines.
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Outsourcing Like A Boss

Want Virtual Assitant?
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We are the only Perth based Australian company specialising in outsourcing to the Philippines.

Toni, the founder of Outsourcing Like a Boss and has walked in your shoes, she know’s what it is like to be a business owner and understands how stressful it is to manage local staff – along with all of the expenses…. Worker’s insurance is NOT affordable to everyone!

Toni now teaches local businesses how to outsource and how to Maximise Profits by using virtual aisstants based in the Philippines.

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Do what you do best
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Administration -Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant

  • Schedule meetings
  • Manage and organise calendars
  • Assist on daily time management
  • Manage CRMs
  • Book travel and accommodation
  • Draft correspondence such as emails and letters
Administration - Data Research

Data Research

  • Data mining and scraping
  • Data entry
  • Collect data from the web that can help improve strategies of the business
  • Keep records up to date
Administration - Email management

Email Management

  • Manage contact list
  • Organise emails
  • Manage email campaigns
  • Delete unnecessary emails
  • Prioritise, group, filter, and sort emails into categories to create an organised inbox
  • Unsubscribe to promotional emails
  • Set up filters to send emails where they belong
  • Flag emails that are important
  • Set up default replies
Administration - Customer Management

Customer Management

  • Responding to customer service issues in a timely manner
  • Take customers issues and follow problems through to resolution
  • Manage and develop the strategy to increase customer engagement, retention and loyalty
  • Keep accurate records and document customer service actions and discussions
  • Analyse statistics and compile accurate reports
  • Improve customer service experience
Creative - Social Media Management

Social Media Management

  • Creating posts
  • Scheduling posts
  • Replying to comments
  • Using correct hashtags
  • Following others in specific industries to build relationships
  • Replying to DM’s
  • Sharing relevant content
  • Sourcing shareable links
Creative - Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing

  • Create and design various materials for print and digital collateral
  • Ensure projects are completed with high quality and on schedule
  • Establish creative direction for the company as well as brand guidelines
  • Prioritise and manage multiple projects within design specifications and budget restrictions
  • Perform retouching and manipulation of images
  • Work with a wide range of media and use graphic design software
  • Planning concepts by studying relevant information and materials
  • Illustrating concepts by designing examples of art arrangement, size, type size and style and submitting them for approval
  • Communicating with clients about layout and design
  • Reviewing final layouts and suggesting improvements when necessary
Creative - Email Marketing

Email Marketing

  • Identify target audience ang grow email list
  • Plan, develop, and implement email marketing campaigns that target different audience
  • Draft email copy and ensure that promotional emails effectively communicate with the brand’s message and reliably convert email subscribers into paid customers
  • Monitor the performance of ongoing email marketing campaigns to identify areas of improvement and draw conclusions that help optimise future campaigns
  • Design and implement direct email marketing campaigns
  • Ensure prompt and accurate communication with clients vial email to minimize unsubscribed
  • Report on sales revenue generated from email marketing efforts
  • Ensure emails follow industry policies and best practices
  • Maintain a database of potential leads and segregate contracts for our email marketing campaigns into different mailing lists
  • Monitor, track, and report campaign progress via automated tools or applications.
Creative - Video Editing

Video Editing

  • Meet with clients to establish the desired feel and look for the video to be created
  • Gather and transfer all forms of media into editing software and ensure each was updated in the correct format
  • Operate computer editing systems and equipment used for video media and effects
  • Establish a clear understanding of the storyline and purpose of the video’s creation
  • Create an initial proposed storyboard draft of the video to present to clients and receive approval before beginning to digitally alter video
  • Improve video and sound quality using various video software
  • Edit video to include preselected music, interviews, sound clips and other important aspects of the project
  • Ensure the correct formatting and presentation for finalised videos according to client’s specifications
  • Continuously discover and implement new editing technologies and industry’s best practices to maximise efficiency
Speciality - Bookkeeping


  • Recording day to day financial transactions and completing the posting process
  • Verifying transactions recorded in the correct ledger
  • Enter accurate data
  • Maintain accurate record of financial transactions
  • Create reports and financial statements
  • Reconciliation of entries into the accounting system
Speciality - ServiceM8 Specialist

ServiceM8 Specialist

  • Entering client information
  • Creating job tickets
  • Creating and sending quotes to clients
  • Completing and invoicing jobs
  • Client communication via SMS and Email
Speciality - Human Resources

Human Resources

  • Plan and manage recruitment and selection of staff
  • Plan and conduct new employee orientation
  • Identify and manage training and development needs for employees
  • Develop and implement human resources policies and procedures
  • Admnister HR policies and procedures
  • Implement and monitor performance management system
  • Handle employee complaints, grievances, and disputes
  • Administer employee discipline processes
  • Review and update employee rules and regulations
  • Maintain the human resource information system and employee database
Speciality - Project Management

Project Management

  • Determine and define project scope and objectives
  • Develop and manage a detailed project schedule and work plan
  • Provide project updates on a consistent basis about strategy, adjustments, and progress
  • Monitor progress and make adjustments as needed
  • Measure project performance to identify areas for improvement
  • Submit projects and ensure that projects are of quality standards
  • Establishing effective project communication plans and ensuring their execution
  • Identifying and developing new opportunities with clients
  • Managing customer or client satisfaction within the project transition period
Speciality - Answering Calls

Answering Calls

  • Identify customers’ needs
  • Provide customers’ adequate answers to their concerns
  • Identify possible objections customers might have against the company’s products or services
  • Generate significant number of phone leads from various sources
  • Conducting outbound calls to prospective customers or clients


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“Toni is a wealth of knowledge, particularly in the area of VA’s and business organisation/automation. Get back HOURS of your life and get in touch with Toni! Highly recommend”

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Michelle Wong


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