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Outsourcing Like A Boss

Toni Turner, the founder of Outsourcing Like a Boss, is a Recruitment Consulting Business located in Perth, Western Australia.

Outsourcing Like a Boss was created by design and necessity. Toni fell in love with virtual assistants based in the Philipines, and they completely changed her life.

It changed the way Toni did business. She threw out the rule book and created an entirely new method of business. As virtual assistants changed the aspects of her business, they made a substantial improvement on:

-Business growth

-Reclaiming everyone’s time 

-Made the business more profitable within weeks of the virtual assistants starting.

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The Philipines have a great culture and a positive attitude toward working remotely. Travelling long distances to work each day is very stressful and can become very expensive.

Filipino virtual assistants have excellent English speaking skills as it is a second language in their country, and our clients love this quality. This is why our clients come to us and request more virtual assistants year after year.

When using our service, we handle the entire process for you.

-Creating the job description

-Filtering through 100’s upon 100’s of applications

-Thoroughly testing the applicants

-Wages negotiations


-Handover process

Once your consultation is completed, we get to work straight away. You, the client will have a clear direction of what happens next.

The Philippines are in Australia’s timezone, which allows us to have synchronised methods to excel in business.

When your new team member starts working with you, you will have the reassurance of knowing a team member is working with you and you aren’t paying an hourly commission to us. This gives you the freedom to know you aren’t paying additional fees each week.

Once you have received your new team member and for whatever reason, it doesn’t work out, we will pause your service and find you another team member with no additional costs,

Many business owners have been using us for years and they recommend us as their ‘go to outsourcing company’ as they know how stressful it is to recruit staff. Toni, the founder of Outsourcing Like a Boss has a mission to connect over 10,000 virtual assistants with local businesses to ensure we are helping local communities and the Philippines and in turn, we are directly supporting the virtual assistant families. This will make a positive impact to all who join and share our mission. 

If you are ready to join our mission and make a positive impact on the world, increase your productivity and growth… book your appointment today with Toni and she will guide you through the process.

Happy Outsourcing.