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Who Is Toni

Who is Toni

Toni Turner is an award winning 7-Figure Entrepreneur who loves to connect business owners with Virtual Assistants to ultimately make more money for their business.

From the age of 24, Toni brought her first business, a Real Estate Agency. From there she knew the importance of business and knew this was her passion. By 30 she had sold that company, helped her husband start a glass & aluminium manufacturing business which is now a 7-Figure award winning business, 3 locations throughout Western Australia along with 20+ employees.

After 15 years in business, Toni could see the importance of going digital and to solve 3 main problems most business owners have:

  • Automation & Project Management
  • Securing More Leads
  • Helping the business owners to do what they loved best and to outsource the rest

By harnessing virtual assistants within any small business, is not typical. After 12 months of perfecting these three techniques, Toni instantly knew she must help other business owners implement these actions within their business, that is her passion – To Help Business Owners.

Toni now helps business owners throughout the world with her techniques to help businesses get results within weeks, not months or years. This boost’s the client’s confidence and allows them to scale their business with a positive and profitable experience from the moment they work with Toni and allow virtual assistants within their business.

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