A lot of people that I know, don’t actually know this about me. In my early days of business, I didn’t have any self-worth. So far I’ve been in business for over 15 years and I’m talking and when I talk about business, I am referring to mum-and-dad or husband-and-wife type of business, not like… corporate giants. 

For the time I have been in business, I have just really ground away to make sure that I worked at the heart and soul of the business. Anybody that has a small business, you know what I’m talking about.

Knowing your self worth is essential and the fact that I didn’t have any self-worth deflates me and makes you so upset. 

This all started when I was 22 years old, I got offered to buy the local real estate agency that I was working for. Then, I was a property manager, and the business owner/licensee was closing it down, I approached the owner to buy the company. 

And at 22 years old for me to get my triennial licensee certificate which meant I was to oversee all sales and management within the real estate company. I did everything and I was responsible for everything.

By the age of 24, I completed my triennial license and was able to buy the real estate agency. So before I was 25 years old I was mainly doing property & strata management. I had a rent roll of over 130 properties with a strata unit complexes of 200 in the collective. It was just me and another employee that I hired, a receptionist/property manager and built up the company from there on in. It was my first ‘big business’. 

Back to self-worth… It started when I would attend to friends barbecues and their friends would be there, naturally, you would introduce yourself and have a chat.

Them “Hi. How are you going, what’s your name?” 

Me “Good. My name is Toni. Nice to meet you” and shake their hand for formalities.
Them “Well what do you do?” 

Me “I’m a licensee triennial holder of a real estate agency” and they all look at me like… “you’re only 25 years old, how can you be a licensee trial certificate holder for a real estate agency? How can you, at the age of 25 be that successful in that type of environment?” 

And it started to deflate me a lot, as it happened every time we went out. Over those years upon meeting new people, I ended up saying “oh I own a real estate agency and that type of thing.” And then a bit later on I end up saying “I’m a property manager or I’m just a manager.” I degraded myself, I degraded my studies, I degraded my entire workmanship. My ethics of buying this real estate company to say I’m a property manager or to say I’m a strata manager, there’s nothing wrong with those job descriptions, after all, started as a receptionist, then worked my way up to the property manager, then senior property manager, then strata manager. It’s just the fact that I degraded myself worth by not acknowledging my accomplishments.

Over the years, I have changed my perspective and now proudly understand my accomplishments and allow others to either endorse it or to walk away. I will not explain myself to others and will always proudly hold my head high knowing that I am a successful 7-Figure Award-Winning Entrepreneur who loves what I do and encourages others who wish to further their dreams.

Written by – Toni Turner Outsourcing Like a Boss